You can Store Anything In a Giant Lock Box

Rent or Buy a Giant Lock Box for your self storage needs during renovations, remolding or removing clutter from your home or business.   We have a range of containers to fit every customer’s needs ranging from price point to functionality.  These heavy-duty steel shipping storage containers are superior to competitors or storage sheds which are both made from wood products.  We pride ourselves on the ability to fill our clients’ needs and wants, everyone has unique circumstances.

Time for delivery, Call us!  Our crane truck delivers all steel shipping storage containers to your site and places it where you want.  This is a major benefit when it comes to complicated delivery’s, unlike our competitors who MUST put their containers where the truck fits. Our unique crane will place the storage container on hills, on non-level ground, and anywhere up to 25’ from the crane truck. With blocks, we level the property to secure the container which helps provide proper circulation under the unit in addition to preventing rodents from burrowing underneath.  Added advantages are fire/water/wind proofing, durability in extreme weather conditions, and can be secured with a private lock.

Giant Lock Box containers save time 50% of your time, reduce breakage, and ensure your valuables are accessible. With these containers at your location you can walk in and out at your leisure. Our heavy-duty shipping containers are the sturdiest you’ll find anywhere. We bring the storage to you!  Convenience and security are key with Giant Lock Box.

That’s right! Giant Lock Box brings your storage solutions to your doorstep, delivering straight to your home, office, or warehouse. When you need storage containers in New York including Orange County, Dutchess County, Ulster County, Rockland County and Sullivan County, and the Hudson Valley we’ll be there. Our prices are less than the average self-storage locations.

We won’t keep you waiting at Giant Lock Box. If you need to rent or buy a portable storage container, we’ll get it to you, place it where you need it, and make sure it’s secure.  Call us or request a quote today.