Advantages of Storage Container Rental

We bring the storage to you!
Our crane truck delivers the Giant Lock Box to your site and places it in a convenient location for you to fill. This eliminates dangerous unsafe truck rentals, costs, and driving headaches. You can keep it on your site or we’ll take it away to our secure site.

The Giant Lock Box is placed on the ground so it is quick and easy to load and unload. No dangerous ramps to climb and you do not have to lift your items high off the ground. Each Giant Lock Box is 8′ high inside making it easy to store tall items inside. A Giant Lock Box is 8′ wide and the secure doors open full width so you can easily carry tall and wide items into a Giant Lock Box.

Your belongings are secure in a steel box that is weather, fire, rodent, insect and vandal proof. Your valuables are safe! Self storage warehouse’s can allow cockroaches, silverfish, and bed bugs to go from one unit to the next. Rats and mice can also migrate between self storage units. Giant Lock Box provides unconnected units sealed to prevent the outside from getting inside protecting your valuables better than any other form of storage.

Portable storage offers the most flexibility
and saves time and travel for you. Unlike a self storage facility, you don’t need to load a truck, drive to the facility and then unload, just to put things in storage. No unloading until you’re ready to place your belongings back or into a new location.

It’s less costly!
No truck rental with the associated insurance and fuel costs.

Take your time!
With a Giant Lock Box you can spread your packing and unpacking over a number of days. There’s no need to rush and return a rental truck.

On your schedule!
You’ve finished packing; you’ve put your lock on the Giant Lock Box and kept the key knowing your belongings are safe and secure.

A month or a year!
We’re here to serve. Tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the rest.