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Shipping Containers for Sale in the Northeast

Giant Lock Box is headquartered in Middletown, NY. We service most of the Northeast, Ohio, and Texas. Our goal is to provide you with a convenient and safe self-storage solution.

Our storage containers go by many names: Steel Storage Containers, Shipping Containers, ISO Containers, Conex containers, Conex Box, cargo containers, freight containers, ocean containers, or overseas containers. Whatever you choose to call them, we’ve got the right Giant Lock Box for you!

Here’s How It Works

Our containers begin their lives overseas where they are manufactured and used for shipping goods to the United States. The container takes 45-60 days to make it to port. Then, our container experts choose the best new and used shipping containers.

After you fill out our quote form, we’re able to choose the best container for your needs. Then, as scheduled, our team will arrive at the drop off location with one of our crane, tilt-bed or flatbed trucks. The method of delivery differs depending on the location and use.

For instance, our crane truck is extremely beneficial for shipping containers that are needed on uneven land or hoisted over fences and gardens. Once the container is in place, we help you level it. If you need a container placed in a hard-to-maneuver place that flatbed or tilt-bed trucks can’t reach, we have the solution.

Shipping Container Features

Our containers are water, wind, rodent and fireproof. They easily withstand any weather or attempted break-ins. Rest assured that your items are safe in a Giant Lock Box container.

A Giant Lock Box container is made from CORE-TEN or weathering steel. This high-quality steel is so strong and durable that it is used in bridge construction in the United States. Over twenty years ago, using shipping containers many times or for secondary uses, like those of our customers, would have been nearly impossible. The container would just rust away.

CORE-TEN, or corten, containers do rust. However, the weathering process does not lead to degradation or large holes. Our shipping containers are also outfitted with waterproof marine plywood flooring built atop metal eye beams. This allows for level storage and accessibility by the user.

Standard shipping container sizes are 20 and 40 feet long. Forty foot, high-cube shipping containers (9’ 6” tall) and other sizes are available upon request. Not sure what size you need? Let us know on the quote form and we’ll guide you to the right container for your application.

The floor can hold up to 70,000 lbs of payload. When stacked eight high, the lowest container can hold over 500,000 lbs. How’s that for durability?

At Giant Lock Box, we assign five different grades to our containers:

  1. New Containers (One-trip Units)
  2. Certified Shipping Containers for Export (IICL certified)
  3. Refurbished Containers
  4. Grade-A Storage Containers
  5. Used (Basic or AS-IS)
    20' 1-trip Storage Container

Shipping Container Uses

Shipping containers can be used for a variety of reasons. Here are just some ways our customers get the most out of cargo containers:

ATV Storage

Business and Inventory Storage

Campground Storage

Cold Storage (Reefer Containers)



Fire Training Containers

Home Storage

Job Site Offices

Lumber Storage

Military Storage

Municipal Storage

Safety Wall



Shipping Container Homes

Areas We Service

  • New York

New York Metro
Long Island
Hudson Valley
Capital District
North Country
Southern Tier
Western New York

  • New Jersey

Perth Amboy
Atlantic City

  • Pennsylvania


  • Ohio


  • Massachusetts


Ready for the Perfect Storage Solution?

Discover what Giant Lock Box can do for you. Fill out our quote form or email us for more information regarding our new and used shipping containers.