Open-Sided Shipping Containers for Sale | 20' and 40' Sizes

Open-Sided Shipping Containers for Sale

Built for the ground level domestic storage market, open sided shipping containers are a good alternative for customers that need special access to load and empty their containers from the side. 

More secure and functional than an aftermarket side roll-up door, the accordion closet container doors will partially or fully open the entire side section of the container.   Open-Sided Containers have the standard container doors on one end for regular container loading. 

20' open-sided shipping container for sale

Open-sided Storage Containers are built in two sizes, 20’Open-sided (8’6″ tall) and 40′ High-Cube Open-sided (40HCOS).  The 40′ units are built with the 1′ taller high-cube frame (9’6″ tall), whereas the 20′ units are built to the standard 8’6″ height.  

Since the shipping lines do not use these open-sided container configurations in their shipping fleets there are no used open-sided units available for purchase.  For a used unit with access to the side we recommend having one or more 6′ to 10′ steel roll-up door installed in a standard used shipping container. 

Open-sided Storage containers are built at the factory in China and take 1-trip to the US for our domestic storage needs.  They offer additional features that containers with roll-up side doors do not have, like opening the entire length of the side of the container or partially opening to the section of the container that you need to access.

20′ Open-Sided Storage Containers

The most common and smallest sized open-sided storage container available is the 20′ unit (20’OS).  The side doors open in ~5′ sections until the entire side of the 20′ unit is open.  You can choose to open, 5′, 10′, 15′ or the full 20′ side section.  With multiple forklift pockets it makes the container easier to move around your site without damaging the unit. 

20' open sided shipping container for sale


What are the dimensions of a 20′ Open-sided container?

Exterior Measurement Interior Measurement
Length 19′ 10″ 1/2 Length 19′ 4″ 13/64
Width 8′ 0″ Width 7′ 6″ 3/64
Height 8′ 6″ Height 7′ 6″ 33/64
Side Door Opening Measurement Container Weights Measurement
Width 18′ 8″ 31/64 Tare Weight 7,000 lbs
Height 7′ 1″ 25/64 Payload 46,000 lbs

20' Open Sided Container for sale - door end open

40′ High-Cube Open-sided Storage Containers

The longest and tallest open-sided containers available are the 40′ high-cube containers (9’6″ tall).  These units will partially or fully open the entire length of the unit.  With the 40′ of side access built into these 40OS units you can easily store the widest or longest of products that would not normally fit into a 40′ container with only standard container doors.

40' Side opening High Cube containers

The 40′ Opensided High-Cube containers are designed to open in 10′ door sections giving you the flexibility to access 10′, 20′ 30′ or the entire 40′ of the side of the container.

40' OS Storage Container

40' Open Sided Shipping Container for sale

What are the Dimensions of a 40′ High-Cube Open-Sided Container?

Exterior Measurement Interior Measurement
Length 40′ Length 39′ 5″
Width 8′ 0″ Width 7′ 5″
Height 9′ 6″ Height 8′ 1/2″
Side Door Opening Measurement Container Weights Measurement
Width 38′ 8″ Tare Weight 13,050 lbs
Height 7′ 7″ Payload 39,950 lbs

uses for open-sided storage containers

The majority of open sided container buyers are businesses, governmental organization and the military or anyone who needs to access their container from the side.  Storage of snow plows, product wider than 7′ or a site that does not have access from the container ends.  The open-sided containers are the most convenient, versatile and easiest units to load.

What Options are Available & Where are the Container Located?

Our open-sided units are produced in either Tan, Gray or Blue colors.  Occasionally there are units built with doors on both ends of the open-sided containers.  Unlike standard containers and because of the open-sided design with the one wall’s ability to move, there are no tie-downs on the walls to secure your goods, to overcome that problem there are fully recessable eye-hooks built into the floors.

Open-sided storage containers are located in most of the major shipping ports in the US and Giant Lock Box can arrange for transportation within the continental United States via tilt-bed trailers, Flatbed trucks and in some locations with crane-trucks.

If you need an open-sided shipping container please fill out our request quote form or you can call our office at 1-866-333-3135 for further details on pricing and availability of our open-sided shipping containers for sale.