Specialty Containers

Specialty Shipping Containers

Not everyone can use a standard container for their storage or shipping needs.  Giant Lock Box offers a variety of specialized containers for sale.  Do you need an insulated container for protecting your contents from the heat, humidity and cold?  Giant Lock Box has multiple sizes of insulated containers for our customers’ needs.  If you have food or perishables products that need to be kept at a constant temperatures, we offer refrigerated shipping containers for sale that will keep your goods from -30°F to 75°F and at a constant humidity. 

Open Sided Containers

Do you have products that will not fit into a standard sized shipping container?  Giant Lock Box has specialty shipping containers that open the entire 20′ or 40′ side for easy loading and unloading.  We have a variety of open-sided shipping containers for sale.  These containers are good for domestic storage or for shipping your oversized goods around the Globe.

20' open-sided shipping container for sale

Open-Top Containers

Do you have something that is too tall to fit through the standard container doors?  Giant Lock Box offers open top containers for loading goods or commodities from the top of the container.  Open-tops come with either metal hard top or canvas roofs and are good for either static storage or shipping your oversized products around the World.

20' open-top with hard-top roof

Double-Door Containers

Need to access your container from both ends?  Giant Lock Box has storage containers with double doors, these come in 20′ or 40′ sizes and in standard heights of 8’6 tall or 9’6″ tall high-cubes.  These containers are only available as new 1-trip containers, these can be used for domestic storage or to ship your products overseas.  For a variety of reasons, the shipping lines do not have double-door configuration in their shipping container fleets and therefore there are no used double door containers available to purchase.

40' DD shipping Container

20′ High-Cube Containers

Need the extra height of a High-Cube Shipping Container but don’t have the room for a 40’HC?  Giant Lock Box offers new 20′ high-cube storage containers for sale, these are only used for domestic storage and cannot be shipped around the world due to the additional 1′ height of the 20′ high cube container (9’6″ tall).  The shipping lines’ container chassis are only designed to haul only the standard 8’6″ height 20′ containers and because of that reason the high-cube 20’s are over the height restrictions for most countries’ roads and infrastructure.  With the shipping lines limited to only using standard height 20′ containers there are no sources for used 20’HCs.  The 20′ high-cube storage containers are only available as new units and come in both single and double door configurations.


Where are the specialty containers located?

These specialty storage containers are available at most major ports in the US.  Giant Lock Box can arrange for transportation to your site or you can pick up the containers with your own trucking.  We offer tilt-bed ground level delivery, flatbed transport and crane truck delivery in some locations for specialized placements of your specialty containers.


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