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Giant Lock Box has the right shipping containers for your specific needs.

Whether you need a large container for shipping or storage, Giant Lock Box has you covered. We’re the leading supplier of quality shipping containers for sale in the state of Pennsylvania. If you live or do business in the state, we have the best containers for your needs.

Giant Lock Box: Your Premier Source of Shipping Containers for Sale in Pennsylvania

Giant Lock Box has all types and sizes of shipping containers to meet your individual needs!

Get the right container for your shipping or storage needs from Giant Lock Box. We sell and rent containers for shipping or storage across the entire state of Pennsylvania. Whether you need a small container for temporary storage or a fleet of Conex containers for shipping to Asia or Europe, we have it.

Shipping Containers in All Types and Sizes

At Giant Lock Box, we offer several different types of shipping containers to choose from, including:

  • Storage containers, typically 20’ long and with locking doors, to store items either long- or short-term
  • Shipping containers, either 20’ or 40’ long, for shipping items cross-country or around the world
  • Conex containers, also known as ocean containers, are designed for stacking on cargo ships, railway cars, and storage lots, just like building blocks; these containers are available in 20’, 40’, and 45’ sizes.

Giant Lock Box also offers a variety of specialty containers to serve our clients’ special needs.

Speciality Containers for sale PA - Giant Lock Box

Open-Sided Containers

If you are shipping or storing oversized items, consider using an open-sided container. These containers are designed for items that don’t easily fit into a standard-sized shipping container. The entire 20’ or 40’ side opens for easy loading and unloading of contents.

Open-Top Containers

If you’re shipping or storing items that are too tall to fit through standard container doors, consider an open-top container. This type of container comes with either a canvas or metal roof and lets you load items from the top.

High-Cube Containers

Another way to ship or store tall items is with a high-cube container. These extra-tall containers are 9’6” tall, compared to the 8’6” height of a standard container.

Double-Door Containers

If you need to access your contents from either end of a container, consider a double-door container. These containers are available in 20’ or 40’ sizes, in both normal and high-cube heights, and have doors on both ends.

Insulated Containers

If you’re storing or shipping items that need to be kept at a constant temperature, consider an insulated container. These containers protect your contents from extremes of temperature and humidity and are available in a variety of sizes and types.

Refrigerated Containers

If you’re shipping or storing food or other perishable items, consider a refrigerated container. This type of container keeps your items fresh at the constant temperature and humidity of your choice, from -30 degrees to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Shipping Containers for Businesses

If you own or manage a business, you know all about using large containers for shipping your products. Many businesses also use large containers for overflow and long-term storage, as well for additional office space when you overflow your current facility.

Shipping Containers for Businesses in PA - Giant Lock BOx

Here are just some of the ways companies use shipping containers in their business:

  • Transporting merchandise or supplies
  • Long-term or short-term inventory storage
  • Additional office space, either temporarily or long-term
  • Additional retail space
  • Mobile displays or trade shows
  • Remote offices on construction sites
  • Climate-controlled housing for temporary workers

Shipping Containers for the Oil, Natural Gas, and Fracking Industries

Pennsylvania companies in the oil, natural gas, and fracking industries are major users of shipping containers. For these companies, shipping containers are perfect for both short- and long-term storage and facility needs.

For example, the oil industry uses shipping containers as onsite offices for their drilling rigs. They call shipping containers “doghouses,” and they often function as a combination office, tool shed, lunchroom, communications room, and general meeting place for the drilling crew. The doghouse stays at the rig as long as it’s active, then it can be moved to another site as needed.

Shipping Containers for the Government

Many federal, state, and local government agencies have a use for shipping containers. Some agencies use shipping containers for mobile offices or classrooms, others for long- or short-term storage. Other agencies use shipping containers as emergency command centers for both real-life emergencies and training exercises. Containers are perfect when an agency has an immediate need for space.

Shipping Containers for Individuals

You don’t have to be a big business to find uses for shipping containers. Many people use shipping containers for shipping their personal belongings, as well as storing them for extended periods of time.

If you’re a homeowner, consider using a shipping container to ship your belongings when you move to a new home, or as temporary storage if you’re remodeling or renovating your house. If you’re contemplating renting a commercial storage unit to store your belongings, renting a standard-sized shipping container is a safe, secure, and less-costly alternative.


The three most common container sizes today are 20’ standard, 40’ standard, and the taller 40’ high cube.

20’ Containers

A 20’ shipping container is ideal if you have limited needs or limited space. It’s also a good size for smaller commercial companies that want easy shipping, available in both standard (8’6”) and high-cube (9’6”) heights.

  • External dimensions: 20’ long x 8’ wide x 8’6” high
  • Interior dimensions: 19’3” long x 7’8” wide x 7’9” high
  • Door opening: 7’8” wide x 7’ 5” high
  • Internal volume: 1,169 cubic feet
  • Weight (empty): 4,850 pounds
  • Storage weight: 62,000 pounds (pprox..)
  • Maximum gross weight: 66,139 pounds

40’ Standard Containers

If you have more to store or ship than will fit in a standard 20’ container, consider a larger 40’ shipping container. This is the size that most people think of when they envision a standard shipping or Conex container.

  • External dimensions: 40’ long x 8’ wide x 8’6” high
  • Interior dimensions: 39’5” long x 7’8” wide x 7’9” high
  • Door opening: 7’8.5” wide x 7’5” high
  • Internal volume: 2,350 cubic feet
  • Weight (empty): 8,000 pounds
  • Storage weight: 59,200 pounds (pprox..)
  • Maximum gross weight: 67,200 pounds

40’ High Cube Containers

A 40’ high cube container is just like a 40’ container, only a foot taller. This is the ideal container if you have tall items to ship or store.

  • External dimensions: 40’ long x 8’ wide x 9’6” high
  • Interior dimensions: 39’5” long x 7’8” wide x 8’10” high
  • Door opening: 7’8.5” wide x 8’6” high
  • Internal volume: 2,698 cubic feet
  • Weight (empty): 8,223 pounds
  • Storage weight: 63,427 pounds (pprox..)
  • Maximum gross weight: 71,650 pounds


Purchasing a shipping container costs less than you might think.

Giant Lock Box offers the most competitive pricing for containers in the state of Pennsylvania. Know, however, that different-sized containers are priced differently

How much does a 20-foot shipping container cost? The typical  20’ containers runs around $2,500 for used units and $3,900 for new containers, although prices will vary depending on features and where they’re shipped to.

How much does a 40-foot shipping container cost? The typical 40’ container costs about 20% to 30% more than a 20’ unit, or around $3,300 for used and $5,000 for new 40′ containers.

In addition, specialty containers, such as insulated or refrigerated containers, typically are priced higher because of their enhanced functionality. We also offer used shipping containers at about 60% of new container prices. Contact us today for a quote for your specific needs.

Should You Buy or Rent?

If your needs are short-term, you should consider renting rather than buying a shipping container. For example, rental shipping containers are ideal for residential storage or construction work. Giant Lock Box offers a variety of storage containers for rent, at affordable monthly rates.

Expert Delivery and Setup

When you choose your shipping container, we’ll deliver it to your location on a large truck or tractor trailer. Our crew will expertly put your container in place so you can start using it immediately. Delivery is fast and efficient.

Giant Lock Box: The Best Shipping Containers in the State of Pennsylvania!

Pennsylvanians who want a large variety of high-quality shipping containers turn to the experts at Giant Lock Box. We offer both standard and specialized steel shipping containers in all popular sizes, to buy or rent. Our customers range from single homeowners to large companies and government agencies, who use our containers for both shipping and storage. Whatever your needs, we have a container solution for you.

Contact the Pennsylvania container experts at Giant Lock Box for a quote today!