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40′ Shipping Containers for Sale

What are the Dimensions of a 40 Foot Shipping Container?

A 40’ shipping container has the following dimensions:

  Length Width Height
External Dimensions 40’ 8’ 8’ 6”
Interior Dimensions 39’ 5” 7’ 8” 7’ 9”
Door Opening 7’ 8 ½.” 7’ 5.”

These dimensions make up what most people envision as the standard for a shipping or Conex container. If you’re looking for a 40’ shipping container for sale, you have a few options in height though. The standard 8’ 6” tall option is only one option of the 40’ shipping container.

Many 40’ shipping containers for sale vary between 2 height options. There are the standard and the high-cube options, where the 40’ high-cube container has an additional foot of height. However, the standard shipping container has its benefits. Bigger is not always better when it comes time for shipping.

Many people prefer the standard 40’ Conex container option because the standard 40’ shipping container and the 40’ high-cube containers have the same shipping weight restrictions. The standard height if you’re looking for 40’ shipping containers for sale is preferred because it weighs substantially less than the high-cube option.

If you intend to use a Conex container for shipping, you can obtain about 300 additional pounds of storage. This additional storage weight you must work with is why many people opt for the standard height option instead.

A 40’ new shipping containers for sale will meet most of the needs for shipping yards. These shipping containers have taken on many names including ocean container, sea container, and conex container. The many names all come together though to describe the same container used for shipping worldwide.

If you’re on a bit of a budget, or simply looking for an at-home, long-term storage option, you may want 40’ used shipping containers for sale. Used containers often don’t have any defects that prevent storage or shipping. However, they’ve taken some wear through their years of use.

Giant Lock Box offers 40’ shipping containers for sale, 40’ new shipping containers for sale and many used options as well. The 40’ shipping container is a popular option for both commercial and residential needs.

Because they are ready for heavy duty shipping throughout multiple shipping options, a 40’ shipping container takes the guesswork out of shipping. But many people are now using them for additional storage at home. Homeowners find a 40’ shipping containers for sale and place it on their property. They save money on long-term storage and space in their home!

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