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40′ High-Cube Shipping Containers for Sale

40′ High-Cube Shipping Containers are 1′ taller in height than a standard 40′ Shipping Container, the extra internal clearance makes for easier maneuvering for fork-lifts lifting and placing pallets of products in the Storage Containers

What is a High Cube Shipping Container? (40’ high-cube)

A 40’ high-cube shipping container is the most common container size for commercial and industrial shipping containers. These heavy-duty, metal containers are seen on sea freight carriers, trains, and more as the preferred storage option for shipping.

A high-cube shipping container is a shipping container that stands a foot taller than the standard height. The additional foot in height gives high-cube shipping containers a substantial amount of additional storage or shipping space.

Many 40’ high-cube shipping containers for sale only advertise their metric dimensions. For American buyers, 40’ high-cube shipping containers are usually 40’ or 45’ long. However, they are all 8’ wide, and 9’ 6” tall. The increase in height makes them ideal for storage.

There are other differences between the high-cube and standard height shipping containers. A high-cube shipping container has more than an additional 300 square feet of storage space. But, the weight difference is also significant.

The high-cube shipping container weighs 8,598 pounds empty but can reach a maximum gross weight of 68,008 pounds. Although their weights are substantially different, both the standard 40’ shipping container and the 40’ high-cube Conex container have the same shipping limits.

Shipping lines are the most frequent users of 40’ high-cube shipping containers, but they fulfill many commercial storages uses as well. Homeowners have even started using 40’ high-cube shipping containers as a self-storage solution.

You should be looking for 40’ high-cube shipping containers for sale if you need commercial, on-site storage. Using a 40’ high-cube shipping container for on-site storage makes shipping either limits irrelevant.

Those who are looking for 40’ high-cube shipping containers for sale might need other advantages of the high-cube height increase. The extra internal storage space makes it easier to use forklifts in the Conex container.

Forklifts that can enter the shipping or Conex container are easier to maneuver with the extra foot of height. The ease of maneuvering for forklifts means these containers are great for storage yards and sea shipping. Because of the preference for sea shipping, these containers are regularly called Sea Containers or Oceans containers.

Giant Lock Box has 40’ high-cube shipping containers for sale. If you’re looking for a 40’ new high-cube shipping container for sale, we have a selection that will meet your storage or shipping needs. However, if you’re on a bit more of a budget, you might be interested in 40’ used high-cube shipping containers for sale.

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