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20′ Shipping Containers for Sale

20′ containers are the ideal sizes for a homeowners’ needs or a business with limited space.

What are the Dimensions of a 20 Foot Shipping Container?

There are standard dimensions for each 20’ shipping container. These dimensions are:

  Length Width Height
External Dimensions 20′ 8’ 8’ 6”
Interior Dimensions 19’ 3” 7’ 8” 7’ 9”
Door Opening 7’ 8.” 7’ 5.”

Along with the interior, external, and door dimensions, a standard 20’ shipping container can hold an internal volume of 1,169 cubic feet. These containers weigh in at about 4,850 pounds which makes them a prime choice for storage and shipping as their maximum gross weight is 66,139 pounds.

With about 62,000 pounds of storage weight to work with, a 20’ shipping container makes shipping easy for smaller commercial companies. Shipping containers, also called Conex containers or Ocean containers are the shipping tool of choice. These containers are preferred because they’re easy to stack, are economical for their size and are durable.

Although the 20’ shipping containers for sale seem like they are aimed at homeowners, they retain all the durability of the larger shipping containers.

Because the dimensions of a 20’ shipping container are substantially less than the 40’ or 45’ containers, they are easier to maneuver and ship. This ease of movement also means cheaper rates of transport.

These steel storage boxes are used for intermodal transport on trains, and sea carrier. But, their intermodal purpose is quickly transitioning into a storage solution. If you’re a business owner with limited storage space, save money on long-term storage and invest in a solution. Finding 20’ shipping containers for sale and delivery is easy.

Many homeowners are searching for 20’ used shipping containers for sale because they fit onto their property and offer more storage than a shed. They are ideal in any region as they are resistant to many extreme weather conditions.

Businesses and homeowners don’t need to worry about break-ins either. If you utilize the proper locks, the double door system is resistant to break in attempts. Additionally, the double doors open wide enough to use almost the entire width of the container, so you don’t lose space.

At Giant Lock Box we understand you have specific needs of these containers based on whether you are a business owner, commercial shipping merchant, or homeowner.

We offer a wide variety of sizes, including 20’ shipping containers for sale, so you have a size that fits your needs. For commercial shipping options, we offer 20’ new shipping containers for sale. But, for those who are on a budget or don’t intend to use the container for shipping, we also offer 20’ used shipping containers for sale.

20′ containers are the ideal sizes for a homeowners’ needs or a business with limited space.

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