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Giant Lock Box | Storage Containers for Rent and For Sale

We bring the storage to you! Our crane truck delivers the Giant Lock Box to your site and places it in a convenient location for you to fill.

You can Store Anything In a Giant Lock Box

Rent or buy a Giant Lock Box for your self storage needs during renovations, remolding or removing clutter from your home or business. We rent the best containers for self storage and sell the rest of the storage containers that do not meet our strict standards. These heavy-duty steel shipping storage containers are superior to competitors like PODS or storage sheds which are both made from wood products.

Our unique crane truck delivers steel shipping storage container to your site and places it where you want it, unlike ALL of our competitors who MUST put their storage containers where their truck fits (clear length of the truck plus length of the steel storage container on flat level ground). We can place steel shipping storage containers on the right side, left side and in front of our trucks. Our crane will place the rented or sold storage container up hills, down hills on non level ground anywhere our unique crane truck can reach (25'from the crane). Each container can be leveled with blocks to protect the property, provide good air circulation under the rented storage containers, and this prevents mice, rats, skunks and woodchucks from living under your steel storage units.

No need to pack a truck then unpack it to fill a self- storage warehouse; only to have to pack a truck again from the warehouse and move it back into your location.

Time is money and Giant Lock Box saves you 50% of your time in moving or storage needs

Our containers are water, wind, rodent and fire proof and can easily withstand any weather or vandal’s attempts to enter them.

This is the fastest, most secure way of storing your valuables. Our prices are less than self-storage locations.

Our heavy duty shipping containers are the sturdiest you’ll find anywhere. We bring the storage to you. That’s right! Giant Lock Box brings your storage solutions to your doorstep, delivering straight to your home, office, or warehouse. When you need to rent storage containers in New York, we’ll be there.

We won’t keep you waiting at Giant Lock Box. If you need to rent a portable storage container, we’ll get it to you, place it where you need it, and make sure it’s secure.

Contact us today to arrange for your perfect New York storage solution. Giant Lock Box serves the Hudson Valley with Steel storage containers for self storage, including Orange County, Dutchess County, Ulster County, Rockland County and Sullivan County, New York.