20' High-Cube Containers For Sale

20′ High-Cube Shipping Containers for Sale

Do you need the extra one foot height of a high-cube container but do not have the room for a 40′ or 45′ high-cube shipping container?  Giant Lock Box has 20′ high-cube shipping containers for sale; these taller 20′ units are 1-trip containers (aka New) are built in China and then shipped over for the domestic storage market.  

20' High Cube Storage Container - Gray Color

20′ High-Cube Shipping Container Dimensions (20HC)

Exterior Measurement Interior Measurement
Length 20′ Length 19′ 4″
Width 8′ Width 7′ 7″
Height 9’6″ Height 8′ 8″
Door Opening Measurement Container Weight Measurement
Width 7′ 6″ Tare Weight 4,700 lbs
Height 8′ 4″ Payload 62,600 lbs

Who uses 20′ High-Cube Storage Containers?

Our customers that buy 20′ High-Cube Storage Containers typically need the extra high-cube height for easier forklift loading and unloading, the extra height for specialized shelving units, or to build office containers for their job sites.

20' High Cube Double door for sale - tan color

What Options are Available & Where are the Containers Located?

Our 20’HC storage containers are built in tan, gray and blue colors.  20′ high-cubes are constructed with single door frames or doors on both ends of the units (20′ high-cube double doors).  These new units have waist-high handles for easier opening and closing of the container doors and are built with lock-boxes to add an extra layer of security.  

With the additional one foot of height, the locations of these units are limited due to the shipping lines infrastructure and their ability to handle the extra height of the 20’HC units; because of that reason they are limited to only the larger ports in the US.  Giant Lock Box can arrange for delivery of 20′ high-cubes throughout the continental US on flat-beds and tilt-bed delivery trailers for easy off-loading.   

If you need to purchase a 20′ high-cube shipping container or further information on these units please fill out our request quote form or call us at 1-866-333-3135.